Crete - 9/27/00

Kalimera! Greece was a nice relaxing place to start our trip. Exciting and beautiful, but modern enough to get around easily. We flew into Iraklio, the capitol of Crete where we spent a couple of days checking out the city as well as an afternoon at the 3,500 year old Minoan palace of Knossos.

We took a bus along the north coast and spent a day in the city of Hania. We had a great (cheap) room overlooking the old Venitian port, and that night, as strange as it may sound, we went and saw a Taiko Drum performance in a park under the stars.

From there we spent three days in the tiny beach town of Sougia. This is where we finally unwound. Just one row of guesthouses and restaurants along the beach. Food, drink and sun, ah yeah...

We spent a couple days working our way back to Iraklio with a stop in Rythemno, another old Venitian port town with an amazing fort overlooking the ocean. From Iraklio we flew to Athens to catch our flight to Jordon. So far, so good :)

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Venetian Fort in Iraklio

"Geoff, stand over there so I can take your photo"

Mosque on the waterfront in charming Hania

View from our window in Hania

Hippie kid tangos with local dogs

Our retreat beach in Sougia, Crete

Still happy!

Our 600 yr old Venetian guest house in Rethymno

My god, those Venetians were busy! Can you spot the defender of the fort?

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