Hawker's Recess

It's time for the Hawkers to take a recess from the real world. What better way to do that than to go out and explore the real world? So that's what we've decided to do! Check out our preliminary itinerary and think about where you'd like to meet us.

This webpage is our attempt to stay connected to the people who are so important in our lives, our family and friends. We're going to miss everyone dearly (don't let those pictures of us drinking on the beach in Greece fool you). So come back here every once in a while and check on our progress. We'll get updates and pictures up as often as we can (read 'every couple months - we're big slackers').

So take care everyone and we'll be seeing you before you know it! Bye!

-Lisa and Geoff Hawker

P.S. To help us with our family/friends withdrawal symptoms, emails would be greatly appreciated! Please let us know what we're missing at home (but please leave out election coverage). Email us at hawker@ekno.com. Thanks!

Travel Plans

Burningman (8/27/00)


Jordan (10/7/00 - 10/20/00) Tanzania (10/20/2000-12/15/2000) India Nepal Central Asia South East Asia Burningman