Jordan - 10/07/00

Salaam Alaykum! Jordan is wonderful! (map) Downtown Amman is teaming with sounds, smells, life - its totally chaotic and just our style. We check out the ancient Roman theater (as a good tourist aught) and then spent a fair amount of time watching the city go by from cafes (where we sat on the "family" side where women are allowed - my least favorite aspect of the country).

We met another couple and together we drove out to Mt. Nebo, the mountain where Moses saw the promised land, which had an ancient church full of the most detailed mosaics. Incredible views too ("Look! Smoke rising from Jericho - perhaps we'll skip Isreal this time around"). We traveled down the King's Highway to the Dead Sea where we got to experience the bizarre sensation of floating, very cool! (Tip for the ladies: don't shave your legs before going to the Dead Sea.)

We also came across the biblical site where Jesus was baptised, newly discovered and recently demilitarized. As the first tourists to the site we were asked for an interview by the national paper, but luckily we were saved by another guy showing up who was on a seven year prilgramige to holy sites. But we did have a most interesting lecture by the head archeologist of the site.

After Petra (which was soooo cool, it gets its own picture page), we headed to Aqaba, Jordan's only resort and port town. It's no Crete, but after some snorkeling and lots of sun, we were feeling pretty good. We took a 4x4 tour to Wadi Rum, a spectalcular red sand desert landscape, where we camped overnight. Lisa took a camel ride to view the sunset(tip for the ladies: wear a jog bra if you're going to ride a camel.)

One highlight was meeting Imad, a very friendly guy from Amman. He was great! He took us around the city and out to an amazing meal at a fancy restaurant in an old fort. Lisa got to try glass blowing and was amazing with her glass rendition of an eggplant. "It's a vase - use your imagination!" Imad, we'll be back for that BBQ someday!

And then, before we knew it, it was time to get back to Amman to catch our flight to Nairobi! Two thumbs up for Jordan.

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Roman theater in Amman

Mt.Nebo (where Moses spots the promised land)

Geoff floats in the Dead Sea

Lisa floats (note Muslim approved bathing suit)


Lisa blows hot air ("Hey, I wanted my vase to look like an eggplant!")

Transport in the Wadi Rum desert

Our friend Imad in Amman

Yes, itís as scary as it looks!

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